Vintage Kelims

Unique Vintage kilims made of recycled materials such as goat and sheep wool as well as cotton. All colors are the original (not re-dyed) which creates a magnificent blend of shades.

As these beautiful Vintage Kilims were woven in the private homes where the space was limited, narrow looms were used, and the kilim panels afterwards carefully sewn together.

All this creates a vivid, out of the ordinary look, which fits stunningly both into modern homes – and the material used makes the kilims very durable and resistant against stains and dirt.

Unique handwoven rugs, transformed by massimo

Available rugs
All rugs are unique, see imagebank for available Vintage Kelims rugs:

See imagebank

Available sizes
All rugs are unique, ask for stock list to see available sizes

Production method: Handwoven
Pile height: N/A
Weight: 2,5 kg/m2
Size variation : +/-3%
Flame retardant treatment: Possible
Warranty: 2 years

Professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!
Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner without brush. It is a good idea to turn the rug around twice a year to avoid uneven wear. Note that the colors may fade if the carpet is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time. Staining from the backside of the carpet may occur so it is recommended to use an underlay carpet on delicate surfaces. Please contact your local dealer for further advise