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Ocean Collection

Ocean is a high quality handknotted rug made of best quality New Zealand wool mixed with Bamboo fibres. The combination of New Zealand wool and Bamboo gives a very durable rug with a light shine, which is easy to maintain. The quality of the fibres minimizes peeling to almost nothing.


The ‘New Bauhaus’ space designed by Erico Navazo for Casa Decor 2021 brings together iconic pieces from the great names of Danish Design. massimo copenhagen’s rugs were a part of this project curated by DanishDesign+ and Danish Embassy in Spain, which showcased the essence of Danish design with a special focus on sustainability.

Interior Design: Erico Navazo
Credits: Casa Decor, Danish Design+, Danish Embassy in Spain.
Year of completion: 2021
Location: Madrid, Spain


Fragment II – STRUCTURES Collection by OEO Studio

The new series of luxurious rugs by OEO Studio for massimo has a distinctly graphic character. The image – or signifier – is after all the particular legacy of man’s presence on earth through millennia. Where two colours meet, their contours are hand cut. This procedure helps each motif to stand out. Whilst the process is time-consuming, the result is certainly something to treasure.

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