Loft Kolasiński



Three independent countryside apartments located in one guesthouse, each with a living room, kitchen and dining room, a bathroom and two bedrooms upstairs. Loft Kolasiński created the facility for guests who value serenity and relaxation in the countryside surrounded by nature. Mainly natural materials were used to produce equipment and finish the apartment: wood, stone, steel, concrete, linen and woollen fabrics.

The building was built using traditional wooden frame technology with ecological materials such as hemp concrete (hempcrete) and recycled clay bricks. The internal clay plasters were handmade, and most of the wooden elements in the interior were recycled.

Our Escape rugs in undyed wool, designed by Space Copenhagen, fit perfectly in this natural and environmentally focused project. Different shades of natural wool rugs can be seen in various rooms, from large-sized rugs to runners by the beds.

Photos by: Michał Szałkiewicz
Interior & Furniture Design: Loft Kolasiński
Rugs Design: Space Copenhagen


The series of kelim rugs by Space Copenhagen for massimo focus on subdued colour tones and a natural feel. The designer’s wish has been to design a modern collection of minimal, yet tactile and crafted rugs with subtle details – to support and enhance the warmth, softness, human layer and ambience in a modern space.

The Escape Kelim is all about diving into the traditional techniques of Kilim Weave. All the rugs in the collection are handwoven in India from natural yarns, no bleach and no dyes, which makes them stronger, easy to maintain and long-lasting.


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