The colourful palette of the collection is a tribute to nature, while the unique pattern with flat weave and colour and weft effect, creates a different experience every time you enter the room. The rugs are bio-dyed, which gives them their natural colour hues that are woven in optical repetitions and interact depending on the light.



Pas Normal Studios is a Copenhagen based brand that strives to bring out collections of contemporary, technical cycling clothing that define modern cycling in a different context. Pas Normal Studios produces high-end clothing with textiles and methods at the same level as demanded by professional riders – but at the same time, all styles are created for long-term usage and durability.

‘The purpose of this project was to create a dynamic lifestyle office – that goes hand in hand with our brand DNA, our passion for cycling and our attitude towards inclusion of employees and customers. OEO Studio’s design has created a connecting point where all these elements meet and blend. The new HQ and flagship store also puts us close to our community, which was the overwhelming ambition for this new space.’ – CEO of PAS NORMAL STUDIOS, Peter Lange


Interior Design: OEO STUDIO
Photography: PAS NORMAL STUDIOS, OEO Studio
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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