TRASH RocknRoll


Unique rugs transformed from traditional centuries old handknotted rugs. We wash them, some we use as they are, some we trash, some we color and some we bleach. We strive to obtain that expression of decadent decay which adds so much class to all kind of environments. The rugs are easy to maintain and the more you use them the more character they get.

If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will try to find just that special rug for you.

Underlay carpet is recommended.
Suitable for domestic and contract use.

Unique handknotted rugs, transformed by Massimo

Available rugs
All rugs are unique, see imagebank for available Trash RocknRoll rugs:

Trash RocknRoll rugs on stock
Trash RocknRoll rugs on the way home

DKK 2.600/m2, EUR 350/m2

How to buy:
Please contact us at or tel. +45 48 42 25 73

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