Rebecca Goddard’s Apartment



Rebecca Goddard is a Munich based blogger, visual editor, and designer with a keen eye for aesthetics and luster for storytelling. For her stunning apartment Rebecca chose our Earth Natural rug in Ivory, made from 100% undyed natural wool.

“I’m always amazed by the impact a rug can have on an interior. It’s the element that grounds the setting and brings warmth and definition to a space. But finding the perfect rug comes with much to consider. Beyond aesthetics, it’s important to invest in a rug that will wear well for many years and can take regular traffic and use. Massimo understands this importance of quality, creating each of their rugs with exquisite attention to detail and craft while using materials which are certified for their sustainability.”

Photography: Rebecca Goddard
Year of completion: 2023
Location: Munich, Germany


The latest eco-conscious rugs collection – Earth Natural – is a celebration of natural properties of wool that takes us back to basics and teaches us to appreciate the beauty of nature. The beauty of this simple yet very contemporary collection is that it can work with any style and space. Minimalism, with a comfortable, warm and welcoming feeling.

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