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    Natural Light – TRASH RocknRoll

    Unique rugs transformed from traditional centuries old handknotted rugs. We wash them, some we use as they are, some we trash, some we color and some we bleach. We strive to obtain that expression of decadent decay which adds so much class to all kind of environments. The rugs are easy to maintain and the more you use them the more character they get.

    If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will try to find just that special rug for you.

    Underlay carpet is recommended.
    Suitable for domestic and contract use.

    Trash RocknRoll rugs on stock
    Trash RocknRoll rugs on the way home

    Contact for price


    Production method: Handknotted
    Pile height: N/A
    Weight: 3,8 kg/m2
    Size variation : +/-3%
    Flame retardant treatment: Not possible
    Warranty: 2 years


    Unique handknotted rugs, transformed by massimo



    Colorfastness to light: ISO 105-B02–grade 5
    Flammability: 16CFR 1630 (FF-1-70)
    Production: SA 8000

    Care & Maintenance

    Professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!
    Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner without brush. It is a good idea to turn the rug around twice a year to avoid uneven wear. Note that the colors may fade if the carpet is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time. Staining from the backside of the carpet may occur so it is recommended to use an underlay carpet on delicate surfaces. Please contact your local dealer for further advise

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